Computer Copy Holder DA-651CE
DIY Computer Copy Holder ..

DIY Upright & Desktop/ table clamp mobile phone shelf DA-691L/691S
Special material + Unique solid joint design + Adjustable to any angle ..

Automobile: multi-functional bracket for mini cameras, monitors, video recorders and driving recorders
Amazing Suction DIY Multi-functional Holding Stand Super strong patented suction base Products hold patents in multi-countries (Taiwan, China, Europ..

Used for bicycles and motorcycles, multi-function bracket for driving recorders and monitors

Mobile APP monitoring: siren, mini camera, monitor, driving recorder multi-function bracket

Mechanical monitoring: mini cameras, monitors, detectors, viewers, and driving recorder multi-functional brackets
Our company has spent more than 10 years researching and testing suction cup materials and performance structures, creating a product with superior pe..

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